Obituary : Marielle CÉCILE Richard par Editor


  • Marielle CÉCILE Richard par Editor
  • November 22, 1930 -August 25, 2019

Ms. Marielle Cécile Richard (Tatie) was born on November 22, 1930 in Cap Haitien, Haiti to Théophile and Christiane Richard. She completed her primary studies at Sainte Rose de Lima, and her secondary studies at St. Joseph’s Academy in Port- au-Prince, Haiti. Having a desire to study languages, she later matriculated at Immaculate Conception College in Jamaica, a branch of the Institutes of Birmingham, U.K. This was followed by extensive travels through Spain, Italy, and Canada; enjoying life and enhancing her language skills.

Tatie then returned to Haiti where she was an administrator in the Department of Labor for about ten years. After this period, Marielle immigrated to the USA, settling in the Capital City, Washington, D.C.

It is interesting how she soon joined the Washington Post. She had viewed an advertisement for employment at an institute near the Washington Post. However, with Auntie Tatie’s astute sense of direction she became lost and stepped into the offices of the Post to ask for directions. The receptionist at The Washington Post responded that there was an opening at their organization as well, in the Department of Advertising. Marielle had a very deep sense for doing what is correct. Therefore, she told them that she had to notify the other waiting interviewers of this possible change in plans. During this delay, the Post sweetened the pot by proposing to add the ten years she spent working at the Department of Labor in Haiti to her future years at the Post. Therefore, she walked into the Advertising Department of The Washington Post with a ten-year tenure, and remained another 23 years as a loyal, faithful employee. In fact, even after retiring, she kep treading the Washington Post daily from cover to cover!

Upon retirement, Tatie worked part-time at the National Labor League, and was active in many societies in Washington, D.C., including The Haitian Book Club. She was also much involved in the church and continued in the same vein when she relocated to Tampa in 2010; Marielle was an active member in the Council of Catholic Women at St. Paul’s Catholic Church.

However, what we all remember, and will miss the most about Tatie is her amazing, wonderful, and marvelous hospitality. Tante Marielle possessed a tremendous ability to host family, friends, and even strangers in a warm and generous way. There was also no stopping her from visiting the sick and the discouraged. God was with you, Tatie.

Marielle Richard is predeceased by her parents, Théophile and Christiane Richard, siblings André, Jacques, Steve Richard, and Gabrielle Richard Palmer. Tatie is survived by siblings Iva Richard Latortue, Lionel Richard, and Henri-Claude Richard, together with twenty-two nieces and nephews, many other close relatives, and friends with- out number.

Rest in peace, Marielle, our beloved Tatie.

A funeral mass will be held Saturday, September 7th at 12:00 noon at the St. Paul’s Catholic Church, 12708 Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL. Interment will follow in Garden of Memories Cemetery, Tampa, FL. A visitation will be held Fri- day 5:00-8:00 pm at the Wilson Funeral Home, 30

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